23.5.2019 klo 19, Stoan teatterisali

Duet for two extreme persons who hate to lose, love to challenge each other and can´t really cope with boring things. And still have a haunting feeling that this can´t be all there is…

Duet inspired by martial arts, movement qualities of contemporary dance and stage presence of new school dance theatre. A continuing game between shared kinetic flow and competitive moments when you try to win, destroy your opponents’ game and creatively showing superiority in any level.

As a viewer you are watching a play that is most of the time very strictly choreographed, just to make sure that there can be found some very solid dancelike moments, a lot of clever kinetic patterns and visual representations. But there are also built in playing moments when rules for play rises from the play itself, or in some cases some general rules of game fights just take over that practiced routine. These parts of choreography are totally open and can end up in which ever way. These interruptions are actual core of this work. These open moments should illustrate something realistic of that day´s mood, feeling, tension and trust between persons behind this.  That been said, one another more realistic layer in the game is a kind of gender-based tension. Energy which you can´t totally hide or deny, energy which peaks out in some moments just to mess all the rules and the boundaries that there was settled in first place.

And still we feel like there is still some rules left to bend. In this work, everything is possible. Every moment can be turned into a fight and all trust can be violated or cultivated. But as we continue throwing ourselves in to air and falling on ground without checking first, you should not be afraid, this is totally safe. So, keep looking for details, hints and ideas to keep track of artistic proposals, sports, techniques and cultural thieveries that has been put together as one big pile of… well, romance perhaps.

I’ll Bite Back

Työryhmä Suvi Nieminen, Jarkko Mandelin ja Ville Kabrell

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